Preparing for the Future...

The tutoring program is a collaborative partnership with University of Rochester medical students. This program is open to the community, based on the number of available volunteers.


Tutoring Program Details 

Program Goals

  • Increase reading, language arts, and math skills.
  • Provide a safe, healthy, and nurturing tutoring environment.

Student Expectations

  • Students are expected to attend each tutoring session.
  • Students are expected to exhibit good behavior, a good attitude, and a desire to learn.
  • Students are always expected to do their best work.
  • Students are expected to read for at least 15 minutes a day. 

Parent Expectations

  • Parents are expected to have their children at the tutoring program at 6:30pm.
  • Unless attending Bible Study, parents are expected to pick up their child(ren) at 8pm.
  • Encourage your child(ren) to read at least 15 minutes each day.

Attendance and Behavior

  • All students are expected to attend each tutoring session.
    • If your child(ren) are not able to attend a tutoring session, you must give a 24 hour notice by calling and/or emailing Terri Cooper at 585.479.8900 or email TLCooper400(at)
    • Three absences will constitute dismissal from the tutoring program.
      • Terri Cooper will notify you after the second absence.
    • Student behavior that adversely affects their tutoring, in any way, will be scheduled for a Parent-Tutor Conference. After the Parent-Tutor Conference if the behavior continues to adversely affect tutoring, the student may be dismissed from the program.