How would you like to come to a place that’s different?

A place where you experience a sense of peace and calmness. A place where you will fit right in and feel welcomed with a smile. You’ll always be made to feel right at home and won’t want it to end. You’ll be so excited that you won’t want to have to wait for a whole week to experience it again.

Open. Relaxing. Safe. Genuine and just DIFFERENT.


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For our future...

ornament1We offer college and career tutoring for teenagers ages 13-18 to prepare them for future success.

For our Community...

ornament1Actively engaging and giving back to our community is a part of the Love Fellowship way.

For One Another...

ornament1 Our members spread love to one another as well as anyone who walks through our doors.

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What our members say...

  • Like Family
    It's like family. Once you get here, everyone connects.
  • Greeted with Love
    It's a very welcoming atmosphere. Ultra loving when you first walk through the door.
  • Authentic Leadership
    Our pastor is very transparent, down to earth and reachable. He and his wife are very friendly and lovable. They connect with the people.
  • Relevant & Engaging Teaching
    Pastor Cooper has a great teaching style. Come in with a purpose and leave feeling like you have grown, without the theatrics.
  • Come As You Are – REALLY!
    No fashion show, just genuine friendliness. No judging of the outer appearance and the pastor is able to relate to young people and their style. You do not have to worry about the clothes that you wear.
  • Fellowship
    Always somewhere to serve. There is always something to do. We have authentic fellowship after church is over.
  • Young People Friendly
    The church is very young people friendly. The pastor speaks with us, connects with us and is able to relate to our style.
  • Drama Free
    Able to make real connections. It's easy to form relationships with people because there are NO CLICKS, NO CHAOS AND NO DRAMA. That's refreshing.
  • True Free Will Giving
    We don't get pressured to give. No typical church antics with that. We're taught about giving through tithes and offerings and the offering collection is at the back of the church to give. Because of that we love to give and we give cheerfully.